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Welcome to Online Mehrab Quran Academy:

Online Quran Academy is an e-Learning Platform that offers you the best courses at International Level. Quran Academy online courses provide you the basic Al Quran learning with Islamic teaching and one-to-one online Quran Pak classes. Alim Quran Academy has Qualified Teachers that teach you with practices of reading and reciting the Holy Quran. It is reachable for the students who want to learn with the best Online Quran Academy  in the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and all other western countries

Online Quran Academy in the USA for kids to Adults:

Moreover, Online Quran Academy in the USA provides you best courses and e-learning programs. We have extraordinarily qualified, trained, talented Male and Female teachers. Our online Quran tutors are full-time available to teach you Holy Book(24/7). InshALLAH you and your children will be satisfied with our learning Academy.

Learn Quran with Online Academy:

Therefore, We provide you with different services includes Online teaching Quran reading and e-learning. Which acknowledge New Muslim youngsters and adults all around the world to learn Quran online with Tajweed rules in your comfort zone from your home. It’s our pleasure to welcome the students that are interested and eager to learn at Holy Quran. For instance, The Online Quran Pak  Teaching and Reading Academy provide different courses includes Norani Qaida, Memorizing the Quran, Quran with Tajweed rules, Islamic Studies, Quran with Tafseer, Prayers, Translation, DUAS, and Six Kalimas.

Partition of Holy Quran:

Firstly, The Holy Quran is the everlasting book of Allah. Allah Almighty sends this book for the guidance of mankind via the Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH( Peace be Upon Him). Secondly, There are 30 “Paras” that are called “JUZ” & there are  114 “Surahs”.Thirdly, it is an important book for Muslims. The longest Surah name is” AL BAQRAH” which has 286 verses and the shortest Surah name is” AL KAUSAR” which has 3 verses only. The complete Holy Quran Book has 6236 VERSES,550 RUKUS, and 7 MANZILS. Importantly, the Makki part is sent before the migration of The Prophet (PBUH) to Madina, and the later part is Madni Surahs which is sent after migration.

Why should you join our Online Quran Pak Academy?

It is the responsibility of every Muslim to live their life under the guideline of the Quran and Sunnahs. If you follow it, you get huge rewards in return. For a Muslim, it is mandatory to learn moral obligations to learn Holy Quran teaching online because that males and females can know the complete command of Allah Almighty and live their life accordingly. For instance, A person who wants to learn Holy Quran has to take some time out from their regular life. At here, Mehrab Online Quran Academy will give you the most excellent Services with our Online professional Quran Teacher.

The course includes :

An introductory course regarding the laws of reading the Holy Quran. Importantly,  guides you in the Holy Quran Recitation and Translation. Lectures on fundamental principles of Islam that are related to our daily life routine.Assistance in memorization of Quran for kids to Adults.

Best International Quran Academy for your children:

Online Quran Teaching and Reading Academy is the best place to learn Quran Pak at the international level that is the reason, children build bonds with their teachers as well learn more about Islam. The Islamic studies gained by children help in creating retention and happy memories for the whole life. Our aim at Alim Quran Academy is to help you that in practicing Islam knowledge practically.

However, After gaining knowledge it ours responsibility to do AMAL with complete intention. These are the actions which Allah Almighty counts. Consequently, It is compulsory to get Quran knowledge which ensures that we are doing actions according to the law of Allah Almighty has given via The Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). According to Sunnat ” Once we gain the knowledge of Holy Quran then we have to pass it over many others via teaching.”

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